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Having an Ice Pack for Lunch Bags

 Mar 23, 2013- 2:37 PM by J. Taylor

If you are going to be packing a lunch bag, you need an ice pack. Chances are, your lunch is going to be something simple like a sandwich with an apple, a drink, and maybe some vegetables. Besides the fact that you generally eat healthier foods when you use a lunch bag, most sack lunch foods have one other thing in common. What they have in common is you probably want to keep your lunch cold! Also, some foods are supposed to be kept cold and can make you sick if they aren’t. This is where an ice pack comes in handy. Of course, there are exceptions. For example, if you made soup and you wanted to keep it hot you would not want an ice pack. In that case you would actually want to use a thermos to keep your food hot; but for the most part you will probably want to use an ice pack in your insulated lunch bag to ensure your lunch stays nice and cool.

Now when I say ice pack, it is true that you could put ice in a plastic bag and it would probably keep your lunch nice and cool for a while. There are a couple of problems with this. The ice could melt, maybe not since it is in an insulated bag, but it is still possible which would cause your lunch to warm up. Also, if the ice did melt, your food would get all wet; and nobody wants to eat a soggy sandwich or a soggy anything for that matter. Granted if you planned it right you could probably make sure that nothing got wet if the ice melted, but why go to that trouble? I am sure you know that you can purchase ice packs that you can re-use, and using those is really the way to go.

Ice packs are extremely inexpensive and you can find them in tons of different stores probably not too far from your house. You can even buy them online, for example you can buy a pack of 4 here for about 8 dollars. They are really a great way to keep your lunch cool. There are different kinds and some of them are a little more expensive than others, but, you can use them over and over so it is a good thing to go ahead and spend just a few dollars on. Just be sure to remember to keep the ice packs in your freezer so that you can just grab them and go. If you don’t keep them in your freezer then there is really no reason to have an ice pack.

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