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DIY Patterns for a Lunch Bag

Mar 26, 2013- 6:01 PM by J.Taylor

Lunch bags are the best way to go when it comes to lunch. This is especially true if you would like to eat healthy. So why not make one yourself? This is a collection of lunch bag patterns that are functional and stylish!
The best way to do it is with a re-usable lunch bag. Paper bags might seem like the most reasonable way but they aren’t. I am sure you have been in the same place everyone else has, you go to pull out your lunch to find out your bag ripped, or maybe your sandwich got smashed. This problem is solved with a bag that is re-usable.

Why should you make a lunch bag for yourself?

We need to have a good, re-usable, and insulated lunch bag. Also, we can have more control over our health if we pack our own lunch.  So, great! Let’s go buy a lunch bag, right? Not so fast, before you reach for your credit card; you do not need to buy a lunch bag to have a good quality, insulated, re-usable lunch bag. You have the option of buying a lunch bag, and saving a couple hours of work, but why not save a little money and make your own instead?
Making your own bag might sound too hard, or like it would take too much time. However, it is not as hard as you might think and it only takes a few hours! It is also cheaper to make your own lunch bag. The most important thing though, is that you will be creating something of value that is unique and personal to you, or whoever the bag might be for.
Let’s not forget to mention that creating your own lunch bag is a ton of fun! Especially if you love crafts, a project like this just might be the thing you are looking for! All you need is a little work, a sewing machine, and some material.

List of Great Designs w/ Easy-to-Follow Instructions:    
This is a list of fun, great quality, insulated lunch bags. Creating your own lunch bag is very enjoyable and satisfying, but without the right instructions it can be hard and frustrating. These designs create extremely good lunch bags and have very easy to follow instructions. Choose one that is appealing to you and have fun!
Note: These are organized by Insulated, un-insulated, and recycled.


Great Insulated Lunch bag

Stylish Monogrammed Lunch Bag

Back To School- Laminated Lunch Bag

Cute Insulating Fabric Lunch Bag

Super Nice Stylish Lunch Carrier

Fun Little Lunch Bag

UN-INSULATED (Some foods do not need to be kept cold and you could always learn how to insulate it yourself from an insulated design above):

Great Looking Green and Brown Bag

Cute Medium Sized Pattern

Tote Style Lunch Bag

Brown Paper Bag Style

unch Bag With a Draw String

Back to School

Notebook Lunch Bag

Fun and Easy Lunch Sacks

Fun-Recycled Lunch Bags:

Koolaid Pouch Lunch Sack

Plastic Bag Lunch Bag

Keep in mind:
These are not set-in-stone instructions! Make it unique to you and if you see something that you think you could improve or add to the bag, by all means do it! After all, this is your very own home-made lunch bag.

**Also, if you see a design you like that isn’t insulated, and you would like it to be insulated, this is what I would recommend. Go to one that is insulated, learn how to insulate a lunch bag from it, and incorporate it into the design that you wanted to do.
Video Tutorials!

Jil Sander Lunch Bag:

     Written instructions for Jil Sander lunch bag!

Insulated Easy-To-Clean Lunch Bag:

Lunch Bag Out of Juice Pouch:

Something that is important is that your bag is insulated. Studies have shown that many foods, if not kept at the right temperature, may be full of bacteria by the time you take a bite of your lunch. That seems pretty gross, don’t you think? Just keep that in mind when you are making your lunch bag and be sure that you insulate it if you are going to be carrying foods that need to stay a certain temperature!


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